[fund] resisting fundamentalisms

On 11 November 2003, the High Court of Appeal decided not to transfer the case to the Constitutional Court but that the case would continue to be dealt with in the High Penal Court. The next hearing date has not yet been announced.
Women all around the world have warmly welcomed the award of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian lawyer.
The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian campaigner for human rights.
Assadollah Badamchian, homme politique conservateur a qualifié le prix d'"infamie" ajoutant que Mme Ebadi avait été récompensée "pour les services rendus à l'oppression et au colonialisme occidentaux".
An Interview with Serra Sippel, Director of the See Change Campaign at Catholics for Free Choice, by Renu Mandhane.
Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) strongly urges you to take action in support of the members of the Committee of Women’s Memorandum (Bahrain), other Bahraini intellectuals, and defenders of human and women’s rights.
Women in Iran Monthly Edition in English is an abridged version of Women in Iran in Persian.
WLUML received the following statement, which is a courageous initiative undertaken by the Movement of Secular Muslims of France at a time where we witness a shrinking of secular spaces and where fundamentalist voices are dominating.
WLUML a reçu la déclaration suivante concernant un projet courageux initié par le Mouvement des Musulmans Laïques de France, à l'heure ou nous assistons au recul de la laïcité et à la montée du courant fondamentaliste.
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