Rana Husseini's consistent reporting of honor crimes in Jordan has put violence against women on the public agenda in this country and has earned her many awards for her courage, including Women's eNews' Ida B. Wells Award for Bravery in Journalism.
Women in Jordan and Turkey take on new leadership roles.
Amnesty International has expressed its concern that Toujan al-Faisal is not being allowed to stand as a candidate in the upcoming Jordanian parliamentary elections of 17 June, 2003.
Recent announcement to introduce a law allowing Jordanian women married to foreign men to pass their citizenship on to their children.
During the past decade, the issue of gender relations and women’s conduct and dress has been occupying an increasingly prominent place in the discourse of Islamist movements.
Former Jordanian parliamentarian Toujan al-Faisal was given amnesty by King Abdullah II, on 28 June 2002, after she was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment on charges of undermining the state's sovereignty.
Toujan al-Faisal has been released and vows to continue the fight against corruption.
Visit the new site created to support Toujan al Faisal, a former Jordanian MP, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for 'defaming Jordan.'
L'ancienne journaliste de la télévision et première femme députée Toujane el-Fayçal a été condamnée, le 16 mai, à un an et demi de prison par la Cour de sûreté de l'Etat.
Toujan al-Faisal, an outspoken advocate of free speech, domestic reforms, and women's rights, has been convicted of publishing "lies that hurt the state's integrity and honour," and sentenced to 18 months in jail.
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