The latest in a string of arrests, One Million Signatures campaign member Jelveh Javaheri was imprisoned on Saturday, December 1 after undergoing interrogation at the security branch of the Revolutionary Courts.
“There is another line of defense: if you take these women, there are more behind them. We will be there, and you will hear our voices." - Fariba Davoodi Mohajer
"Sold into prostitution aged nine, condemned by an Iranian judge to hang at 18, Leila was saved by a group of human rights activists."
Le dernier épisode de cette confrontation fut hier « l’acquittement de Hossein Moussavian, porte-parole de l’ancienne équipe des négociateurs du nucléaire et proche des modérés du régime, prenant le contre-pied du gouvernement du président Ahmadinedjad »
Zahra Bani Yaghoub was a 27-year-old medical university graduate from Tehran who some two years ago volunteered to work in the western city of Hamadan.
"'Wearing Western-style clothes and insignias of deviant groups' (usually a reference to referring to Satanists or rappers), was on the list alongside 'production and distribution of decadent movies as well as private home-made videos'."
"Brisons le silence! Protestons contre la poursuite judiciaire des militantes féministes en Iran!"
Sous la pression internationale, une féministe iranienne, Delaram Ali, a vu sa peine d'emprisonnement suspendue sur ordre du chef de l'autorité judiciaire.
The lawyer of Delaram Ali, a women's rights defender arrested at a peaceful demonstration last year, says Iran's judiciary has temporarily suspended her sentence.
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