L’attentat a fait 12 morts et 87 blessés.
Dr. Nadje Al-Ali assesses the current situation of women in Iraq
MADRE has released a groundbreaking report on the incidence, causes, and legalization of gender-based violence in Iraq since the US-led invasion.

Ce document occasionnel se penche sur les récentes activités de l'une des organisations membres du réseau WLUML basées au Royaume-Uni. Dr Nadje Al-Ali est networker active au Royaume-Uni, et Sundus Abass est networker active en Irak.

This Occasional Paper features recent activities of one of WLUML's networking organisations based in the UK. In addition, Dr Nadje Al-Ali is an active UK networker and Sundus Abass is an active networker in Iraq. In July 2006 Act Together, Women's Action for Iraq, hosted Sundus Abass, Director of Women in Leadership Institute, Baghdad, in London for 15 days.

Women face increased risk of abduction by militias and criminal gangs as lawlessness takes over the country. Nobody is safe.
Because of escalating sectarian violence, marriages between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims in Iraq are under threat.
Women in war and conflict zones more and more are sharing their thoughts on looking at the world in a gender sensitive lens and raising their voice to the atrocities of war and its impact on women and girls.
Details of a recent strategic meeting of the Iraqi women's movement, involving most of the active alliances of women's networks in Iraq.
Thousands of Iraqi women are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sex worker traffickers seeking to exploit young girls’ desperate socio-economic situation for profit, United Nations agencies have reported.
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