We have received the following information from Iraqi friends who have initiated a campaign now that the constitutional committee has been formed. Their demands will be sent to the committee, to urge them to affirm the Personal Status Law and to remove Article 41 from the Iraqi constitution.
The conference was held in Kurdistan-Erbil on 21-22 September 2006, under the slogan "let's build a safe home" and dealt with women's role in achieving national reconciliation.
The new Constitution threatens to restore "Islamic Law" and with it a dismantling of the rights of Iraqi women.
A brief report of a conference on women's rights and personal status law recently held in Baghdad.
The abduction of women and children has become a lucrative business for gangs in many parts of Iraq and particularly in Baghdad. Women are so fearful of being kidnapped that they rarely go out alone, and hire taxis to go to work.
Abduction, rape and murder are the punishments for any woman who dares to hold a professional job. A month-long investigation by The Observer reveals the terrible reality of life after Saddam.
Iraq's fractious ethnic and religious parliamentary groups have agreed to open debate on a contentious Shiite-proposed draft legislation that will allow the creation of federal regions in Iraq.
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