قالت صحيفة المدى العراقية إن العشرات من النساء تظاهرن أمس في مدينة الفلوجة بمحافظة الأنبار استنكارا لتعرض سجينات للتعذيب،وللمطالبة بالتحقيق في الانتهاكات التي تتعرض لها النساء في السجون العراقية.

"Growing up in such high level of political violence, state oppression, and degradation had left its impact on me of course... from a very early age I became very rebellious against imposed norms and restrictions.”

The Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

After the invasion in 2003, the situation of Iraqi women deteriorated and the rights and freedoms of women have been severely jeopardized.

In 2005, following the invasion of Iraq and ouster of Saddam Hussein, Iraq held its first democratic election. Voter turnout was at over sixty percent, despite attacks targeting voters. Newspapers and television channels were flooded with pictures of smiling Iraqi women holding up purple stained fingers. I myself witnessed voting stations in Dubai fill with equal numbers of men and women casting their ballots. However, the degree to which high female voter turnout has translated into changes in favor of gender justice is questionable.

My name is Rana Hadi and I am 24 years old.  I am in my fourth year of study at the Science College in Baghdad. I have always known that a human being has only one life. Yet I have had two, and I will share them with you.

My first life

"ثورة على المجتمع الذكوري" عنوان الحملة التي أطلقتها رقية عبد علي منذ أكثر من أربعة أشهر على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي فيسبوك، إذ تسعى راعية الحملة إلى إنهاء عدد من القوانين والتشريعات المتعلقة بالمرأة في العراق.

اعتقلت سلطات الأمن العراقية أشهرسمسارة دعارة ومعها خلية تعمل في البغاء و تجارة الأعضاء البشرية. السمسارة الشهيرة عملت سنوات طويلة بحماية عناصر من وزارة الداخلية. منظمة حرية المرأة في العراق نشرت هذا التقرير عن التفاصيل.

سنان أنطون: يكثر الحديث عن الحرب والاحتلال وتبعاتهما وآثارهما على أوضاع المرأة في العراق، دون الإلتفات، بما فيه الكفاية، إلى تأثير الحصار وسنوات العقوبات الاقتصادية بين ١٩٩٠ و٢٠٠٣. هل لك أن تحدّثينا عن عواقب الحصار على العراق بما يخص أوضاع المرأة في العراق اقتصادياً واجتماعياً؟

One week after its foundation, women’s rights organization Zhiyan [Life] Group organized a demonstration against honor killing in the Kurdistan Region.The demonstrators condemned the killing of Nigar Rahim, a Kurdish girl in the Garmiyan region, who was raped by one of her brothers and later killed by another.The spokesperson for Zhiyan called on all the civil organizations in Kurdistan to join her group in its campaign.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws, the Violence is not our Culture Campaign, and Justice for Iran are pleased to announce the release of a new publication: Mapping Stoning in Muslim Contexts. This report locates where the punishment of stoning is still in practice, either through judicial (codified as law) or extrajudicial (outside the law) methods.   

In the third week of December 2011, a confluence of political events profoundly affecting Iraqi and American women took place.

In that week, the remaining occupying US troops in Iraq were withdrawn, unceremoniously in a fortified concrete courtyard, with only a small band playing as the US flag was furled. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta avowed that the price was high, but the US invasion and occupation “gave birth to an independent, free and sovereign Iraq.” Iraq President Maliki did not attend.

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