You are invited to view the WLUML exhibition "Dress codes & modes - women’s dress in some Muslim countries and communities."
Multiple-wife marriages have been legally recognized in Canada to award spousal support and inheritance payments.
Presenting a friendly forum for dialogue on issues related to faith-based arbitration, Sharia law and Muslim jurisprudence (fiqh) anchored in the Quran for those groups and individuals that make up the Muslim community in Ontario.
It’s not often that one is asked to lead a grand mufti in prayer. Especially if one is a woman. Indeed, until this February, no Muslim woman had ever been asked to lead a grand mufti in prayer.
Multiculturalism and religious freedom trumped safety concerns in a recent Canadian Supreme Court decision that will allow orthodox Sikh students to carry concealed traditional daggers to school.
Phénomène marginal au Canada, la polygamie est devenue un sujet de débat public, opposant les défenseurs d'une pratique associée à leur "liberté religieuse" à ceux qui prônent le maintien de son interdiction au nom des droits des femmes et des enfants.
A leading Muslim scholar of France, the former Mufti of Marseilles, Soheib Bencheikh will be in Toronto on Sunday, 19 February 2006, where he will address a press conference on the issue of the Danish cartoons and the role of Muslims in Europe.
Family legal arbitrations must now use Canadian law.
With Canada scrapping the traditional definition of marriage to allow same-sex marriage, it is understandable that some people are now arguing that it is time to legally recognize polygamy.
Polygamy has been a criminal offence in Canada since 1892, around the time the Americans were chasing after Mormons who married two or more partners.
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