Faith-based arbitration seen by some as authoritarian, sexist, anti-democratic.
Canada is pulling out of a conference it was helping to sponsor on promoting business links with Iran. The move follows new allegations that Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi was tortured and possibly raped before dying in Iranian custody in 2003.
WLUML vous demande d’envoyer RAPIDEMENT des lettres de soutien aux mouvements féministes canadiens, et particulièrement aux mouvements de femmes dont les familles viennent de sociétés musulmanes, dans leur lutte pour résister à l’introduction de prétendus « tribunaux Charia » pour résoudre les questions familiales au Canada.
D’après les analyses préliminaires, le Conseil canadien des femmes musulmanes (CCFM) est profondément préoccupé par les recommandations contenues dans le rapport de Marion Boyd « Dispute Resolution in Family Law: Protecting Choice, Promoting Inclusion. »
The Canadian Council of Muslim Women presents a groundbreaking symposium on 9th April featuring international and Canadian scholars & activists working in the areas of jurisprudence, multiculturalism, human rights, the Canadian constitution & family law.
Allowing religious law to apply in the arbitration of family matters in Ontario could violate Canada's international human rights obligations and set a dangerous precedent with national and international repercussions for women's equality rights.
WLUML asks you URGENTLY to send letters of support to Canadian women’s organisations, in particular organisations of women whose families come from Muslim societies, in their struggle to resist the introduction of so-called ‘Shari’a Courts’ in the resolution of family matters in Canada.
Cassandra highlights the work of WLUML and their stance on the introduction of Shari'a law in Ontario, Canada as a means of legal resolution to civil and family matters.
The SAWCC has been involved in information gathering and discussions on this issue since last summer. Their members comprises women of different religious backgrounds.
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