[mili]women and peace building initiatives

International conference organized by Women in Black, Belgrade and the Women’s Center, Leskovac.
Step across the Green Line in Cyprus and you defy the political leaders who seek to control movement.
Des millions de femmes s’engagent quotidiennement pour promouvoir la paix.
Millions of women work day in day out to promote peace. In the year 2005 a thousand women shall collectively receive the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in pursuit of peace.
An interview with Hanadi Loubani, founding member of Women for Palestine, a feminist, anti-racist Palestinian solidarity group.
This portal provides background information and timely updates on the impact of armed conflict on women and women’s role in peace-building.
Ten women from Britain, with another 430 from around the world, descended on a small town on the Northern coast of Italy for 5 days of sun, sea and inspiration, for the 11th Women in Black conference at the end of August 2003.
Indians and Pakistanis orchestrated joint actions across a dozen cities to boost the momentum for peace.
Since Sept. 11, 2001 there has been constant public reference to concepts of terror, war, and security, but little debate about their meaning and the voices of women and girls have been conspicuously absent from the discussion.
IWPS Palestine is an international team of 16 women based in Hares, a village in the Salfit Governorate of Palestine's West Bank, which began for three continuous years from August 2002.
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