[empower] women’s activism

Women's Worlds is a major international event to be held 3-9 July 2008, with the main goal of continuing the fight against social injustice and gender inequalities for feminist researchers, specialists, activists and internationally known public figures.
WLUML supports, and urges you to support, this campaign with the objective of changing the Islamic Penal Code of Iran so that stoning will never again be issued as a sentence or practiced as a punishment.
Details of a recent strategic meeting of the Iraqi women's movement, involving most of the active alliances of women's networks in Iraq.
L'objectif est connu : défendre l'idée que le féminisme égalitariste est une idée occidentale pour mieux faire croire que seul le retour aux fondements de l'islam sauvera les musulmanes.
The women’s movement in Morocco – which now bridges secular and religious communities – is setting an example of the power of social thought in a traditional society.
Décidément, la commission « Islam & laïcité », anciennement initiée par la Ligue de l’enseignement et désormais sous la houlette de la Ligue des droits de l’homme, préfère les musulmans réactionnaires aux musulmans progressistes.
A compilation of articles by key Islamic scholars on the subject of diversity of opinion in Islam. The main essay by Mohammad Hashim Kamali, explores the scope of diversity and disagreement among pre-modern Islamic jurists.
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