Paris The European Court of Human Rights ruling approving Frances blanket ban on full-face veils undermines Muslim womens rights, Human Rights Watch said today. The ban interferes with womens rights to express their religion and beliefs freely and to personal autonomy.


The fact is that Islamic feminists in western countries, and especially in France, struggle with identity affiliations and fight against multiple forms of oppression that bind them to post-colonial and anti-racist movements.

As the presidency of François Hollande commenced its third year, French society is revealing its profound division between progressive and reactionary stances on gender equality and race issues. The latest protests “Manif pour Tous”, led by Christian rightwing movements against gay marriage were followed by the unbelievable alliance of Black anti-Semitic Dieudonné with the French far-right. “Jour de Colère”, the “Anti-Hollande” protest, gathered together on January 26 the Christian right, extreme right supporters, anti-Islam and anti-Semitic groups.

​Pourquoi s’attaquer à Caroline Fourest ? L’ignorance ? Ou l’intimidation ? ​Ne touche pas au voile !

« Quand ils sont venus arrêter un juif, je n’ai rien dit, car je n’étais pas un juif. Quand ils sont venus arrêter une communiste, je n’ai rien dit, car je n’étais pas un communiste. Quand ils sont venus arrêter un homosexuel, je je n’ai rien dit, car je n’étais pas un homosexuel. ,Quand ils sont venus m’arrêter, il n’y avait plus personne pour dire quelque » Pasteur Martin Niemöller.   ​Elle est connue pour ses engagements de lutte contre l’extrême droite et contre le FN. C’est sa spécialité. Elle a écrit et réalisé de nombreuses enquêtes (livres et documentaires) à ce sujet (1).

La jeune fille de 23 ans a réussi à échapper à son agresseur qui essayait d'allumer son briquet après l'avoir aspergé d'essence.

Les termes « mademoiselle » et autre « nom de jeune fille » sont officiellement appelés à disparaître des documents administratifs. Mais les associations restent vigilantes.

Mademoiselle, le début de la fin ? Nous posions la question il y a un mois. La réponse est claire aujourd'hui : c'est oui. Le terme « mademoiselle » va disparaître des documents administratifs.

Fifty years ago, the Parisian police brutally suppressed a demonstration of 30,000 Algerian workers protesting against a discriminatory and racist curfew banning them from the capital’s streets at night. The march was peaceful, but by the end of the night over 200 Algerians were dead and 11,000 had been arrested and detained in horrific circumstances by French police units.

The date, barely known outside France, is undoubtedly one of the city’s darkest episodes, and survivors of the repression and relatives of those killed are still seeking the truth about what happened that night, and full recognition of the role the authorities played on October 17, 1961.

Hind Ahmas walks into a brasserie in the north Paris suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois. Jaws drop, shoulders tighten and a look of disgust ripples across the faces of haggard men sipping coffee at the bar.

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Three days after the enforcement of the French law that prohibits full face covering, and after the first women law breakers have been fined, international media focus on ’protesting Muslims’, while the voices of the vast majority of presumed Muslims in France are ignored. One has to raise issue with the absence of proper coverage by English language international media regarding the public stands taken by French citizens of migrant Muslim descent.

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