Saudi Arabia

A Saudi judge told a conference on domestic violence that a man has the right to slap a wife who spends money wastefully and said women were as much to blame as men for increased spousal abuse, a Saudi newspaper reported.
A Saudi judge refused for the second time to grant an eight-year-old girl a divorce from her 47-year-old husband. The Unaizah Court ruled that the girl cannot file for divorce until she reaches puberty.
Femmes sous lois musulmanes et ses alliés demandent que l’Arabie Saoudite démontre son attachement aux droits humains et libère Khamisa Sawadi, Fahd Al-Anzi et Hadiyan Bin Zein et révoque l’ordre d’expulsion.
WLUML, and its allies, demand that Saudi Arabia demonstrate its commitment to human rights and release Khamisa Sawadi, Fahd al-Anzi, and Hadiyan bin Zein and revoke the order of deportation.
Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi est accusée d'avoir reçu chez elle deux hommes avec lesquels elle n'a pas de liens de parenté.
Khamisa Sawadi, who is Syrian but was married to a Saudi, was convicted and sentenced last week for meeting with men who were not her immediate relatives.
Noura Al-Fayez, première femme à intégrer le gouvernement d'Arabie saoudite.
Nora bint Abdullah Al-Fayez was appointed by royal decree as the deputy education minister for girls’ affairs.
A woman has been forcibly divorced on the basis of “tribal incompatibility” with her husband.
Le mufti d’Arabie est catégorique : ceux qui dénoncent le mariage des jeunes filles se trompent et oppriment la Femme.
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