Many divorcees are expected to attend a mass rally in Kano city organised by the National Association of Divorcees, Widows and the Orphans of Nigeria, to protest the growing divorce rate and "insufficient husbands in Kano State."
At least 200 people have been killed in the Nigerian town of Jos after two days of violence, officials say.
Just 26 percent of girls in northern Nigeria make it beyond primary school, according to the UN Children's Fund, and local NGOs estimate that most of those who leave do so because their families marry them off.
Ibn Rochd: Une véritable wikipédia...humaine
Alhaji Muhammadu Bello Masaba, whose marriage to 86 wives has attracted much controversy, has agreed to divorce 82 of them, an Etsu Nupe Palace Official said.
The following is an update provided by BAOBAB - For Women's Human Rights, a women's rights organization based in Nigeria. This is a brief report on the Public Hearing held in July 2008 regarding a proposed bill which, if made into law, would regulate styles of clothing on the grounds this would curb sexual intimidation and other sexual offences. The women who conducted research, presented their findings and demands, spoke out at the public hearing and aired their concerns with the world are to be commended for their actions and commitment to fighting discriminatory laws.
Nigerian Mohammed Bello Abubakar, 84, has advised other men not to follow his example and marry 86 women.
BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights has issued an alert regarding the “Bill for an Act to Prohibit and Punish Public Nudity, Sexual Intimidation and Other Related Offences in Nigeria”.
"Nous sommes gênées d'utiliser les toilettes ou même d'aller chercher de l'eau dans un lieu public, puisque la religion interdit l'exhibition inutile des femmes, particulièrement durant la journée."
“Nous sommes inquiets de voir que de nombreux responsables, magistrats ou individus ont une compréhension simpliste de la charia qui néglige les droits fondamentaux d’un accusé tout comme les nombreux droits des femmes,” s’est alarmé le directeur de HRW.
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