Hajara Ibrahim's case was argued on October 27th 2004.
More information about the cases of two women sentenced to death by stoning in Bauchi.
Following reports from the media about the cases of two young women sentenced to death by stoning in Bauchi State under the Sharia legal system, BAOBAB For Women’s Human Rights has conducted a fact-finding mission to the State.
The country's Muslims in particular are going to greater lengths than ever to be seen to be dressing modestly. Now the Catholic Church has joined the debate.
Recent workshops conducted by WLP’s partners in Morocco and Nigeria have led to a number of new initiatives for women’s rights advocacy and conflict resolution.
The Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) announce a Hausa Edition of their leadership handbook.
In the first four years following Nigeria's return to democratic rule in 1999, at least 10,000 people were killed in communal violence across the country, but in recent months, these clashes have been notably less frequent.
The Nigerian authorities have banned a procession by Muslims in the northern city of Kano, after appeals from Christian leaders.
The northern state of Zamfara has introduced new Sharia laws.
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