Serbia: Women in Black denounce the vandalization of activist Vesna Pešić's home.

Last week, the apartment of Vesna Pešić, a national assembly member, antiwar activist, and human rights defender, was vandalized.
Statement Against the Attack against Vesna Pešić, Political Violence, and Fascization

The newest vandalism in the apartment of Vesna Pešić—National Assembly Member, antiwar activist, and human rights defender—continues to show that darkness produces violence. Attacks like this one are the work of those who do not want to accept that the Milošević regime was criminal, that it committed numerous crimes in our name. Therefore, citizens who work to change the values system and demand responsibility for the crimes committed in our name are the target of attacks. It is an expression of the patriarchal cultural misogyny in the Balkans that, most often and most importantly, it is women who most resolutely demand a break from the criminal past. These women are demonized and the targets of public calls for vigilante violence.

On this occasion, we express our deepest respect and solidarity for women with whom, for the last 15 years, we have actively resisted war. Together, we were the most active in changing the dictatorial regime; today we are the most active against the denial of the criminal past. Going forward, we will support one another as we have thus far.

The current government’s lack of political will to discontinue the policies of the former regime—along with poverty, apathy, and despair—is leading towards deeper and more dangerous fascisization. Attacks against political dissenters are becoming more frequent. On the same day as the attack against Vesna Pešić, Marko Karadžic, the spokesman of The Liberal Democratic Party, was attacked. Also, on that day, there was an administrative attack on the property of National Assembly Member Nataša Mićić.

We demand that the authorities punish the perpetrators of these attacks and that they stop political violence. We will continue to work for another Serbia, one free from fear, violence, and freely roaming criminals.

Women in Black
Belgrade, March 2, 2007