UPDATE: Sudan: Lubna Hussein begins jail sentence

WLUML Networkers
Flogging sentence dropped in trial of Lubna Hussein. However, the guilty verdict has not been overturned and rather than pay a fine of 500 Sudanese pounds Hussein has chosen to go to jail in protest at the guilty verdict.
The sentence of flogging has been dropped in the case of Lubna Hussein was charged under article 152 (Indecent and Immoral Acts) of the 1991 Sudanese Penal Code for wearing trousers in a public place. Ms Hussein will appeal the guilty verdict in both the Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court.
Lubna Hussein has refused to accept her summary punishment. She called a lawyer, and even as the court tried to close this embarrassing chapter today by slapping on a fine, she vowed to fight on.

“Lubna has bravely sacrificed her freedom to free other women from the oppression of the law,” said Ahmed Elzobier, one of Ms Hussein’s supporters in Khartoum. “She is not guilty, but the police the court and the government are the guilty ones.”

“The campaign will continue,” Mr Elzobier added. “Although Lubna is going to prison the rest of her supporters will keep challenging these laws.”

Lubna Hussein has pointed out that this charge falls under ‘immoral’ or ‘indecent behaviour’, a charge which will remain on her record and that of the other women arrested. Although she she will not be flogged, this offence on her record is associated with prostitution and other 'immoral' behaviour.

Sources: WLUML Networkers/Times