WLUML welcomes Chechen networkers from Grozny-based Women for Development


January 24th 2014

We are pleased to announce that members of Grozny-based Women for Development have recently joined the WLUML network.  The group take a holistic approach to women rights, putting on art exhibitions, street actions, and information campaigns. 

As well as hosting seminars on pressing problems - such as domestic violence – Women for Development work to foster the artistic ambitions of young women.  The group recently showcased the work of young Chechen artists in an exhibition entitled ‘Peace through women’s eyes’.  This was a rare opportunity to give women’s take on the concept of peace and to encourage their artistic expression; a vital undertaking in a situation where political stability has been secured at the expense of women’s freedoms.

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During 2013’s 16 Days of Activism, the group staged a presentation of a poetry collection entitled ‘Young Women’s Works’.  Talented young women read their verses, sang songs, and presented their research – the culmination of a project to support gifted and talented female high school students.  The event was a way of affirming young women’s important role in intellectual life and to work for their improved societal status.

We extend our welcome to the members of Women in Development who have become part of the WLUML family and look forward to fruitful solidarity actions in the future.

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To find out more about Women for Development, check out their website, like them on facebook, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram