United Kingdom

"Muslim sex offenders may be allowed to opt out of a prison treatment programme because it is against their religion, it has emerged."
On Friday, April 11th 2008, Karma Nirvana will host a national conference to launch an Honour Network, help-line, website, posters and literature.
Grande-Bretagne: "Après le démantèlement du Londonistan par Scotland Yard."
In a historic break with tradition, Britain's House of Lords voted on Wednesday to repeal laws making it a crime to commit blasphemy against Christianity.
More than 30 girls are missing from schools in Bradford despite efforts to track them down, MPs have been told.
Mona Eltahawy asks, "What's wrong with the British legal system that religious groups are allowed to create parallel systems to it?"
Pragna Patel argues, "in the rush to be tolerant or sensitive to religious difference, they have created the space for the most authoritarian and even fundamentalist religious leaders to take control of our communities."
The following petition was submitted to the British Government on 15 November 2007, with 19,107 signatures. Below is the recently issued government's response:
Ziauddin Sardar: "Faith folks, such as the archbishop and I, have legitimate moral qualms about "legal universalism". Nevertheless, we are obliged to follow the law, which applies to all, equally and universally."
"I don't believe in a multicultural society," he says firmly. "When people come into this country they have to obey the laws of the land."
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