Special Dossiers

 تهدف ورقة النقاش هذه إلى الكشف عن خبرة النساء السودانيات حول ما يطلق عليه بالعامية السودانية »قانون النظام العام« كما انها من جانب اخر تسعى للكشف عن ان قانون النظام العام فى كل ابعاده ومظاهره ينتقص من القيم األساسية للرجال والنساء وبشكل اوضح وادق للنساء وذلك فيما يحدده من محظورات وفى اليات تنفيذه وفى العقوبات التى ينص عليها، لذلك يعد ذو اثر كبير على حياة العديد من النساء على مستويات حياتهن املختلفة وحتديدا النساء الفقيرات والنساء فى املناطق املهمشة والطالبات في املدارس واجلامعات . 

In  this Report, the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, provides an overview of the legally binding provisions, implementing mechanisms and relevant jurisprudence regarding violence against women in three regional human rights systems: the African, European and Inter-American systems.

 Please download the pdf to read the full paper.

The Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, discusses the existing legal standards and practices regarding violence against women in three regional human rights systems: the African, European and Inter-American systems. The Addendum to the Report also shade lights on the normative gap in international law as regards violence against women.

 Please download the pdf to read the full paper.

Rashida Manjoo, United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, conducted an official visit to Sudan, invited by the Government, to analyse the  causes and consequences of VAW across the Country. She observed that violence against women is an issue of concern in Sudan despite the existence of programme, policies and laws. Reports and interviews refer to the existence of violence in the family and the community, including against women and girl children, whether physical, psychological, sexual or economic.

Boko Haram killed thousands of people, abducted at least 2000 women and girls and forced more than a million to flee their homes. Through a campaign of almost daily killings, bombings, abductions, looting and burning, Boko Haram crippled normal life in north-east Nigeria. Schools, churches, mosques and other public buildings were destroyed. Boko Haram brutally mistreated civilians trapped in areas under its control.

The issue of women’s subordinate legal, social and political position in Afghan society and the failure of the government to meet its obligations to ensure gender equality and address discriminatory social attitudes forms the basis of this report. Cultural, religious and social norms are at the root of the various kinds of abuse experienced by women human rights defenders.

الملفات مطبوعات غير دورية، تصدر عن شبكة التضامن العالمية "النساء في ظل قوانين المسلمين" ولإيمان الشبكة بدور هذه الملفات التشبيكي، فإنها تهدف من خلالها إلى توفير المعلومات عن حياتهن، وصراعاتهن، واستراتيجيات النساء اللاتي يعشن في مجتمعات ودول إسلامية متنوعة.

Les Dossiers Spéciaux s’articulent autour du programme collectif de recherche et d'action sur les Femmes et les Lois (Women and Law). Ce programme international a été initié et mis en oeuvre par WLUML. Les informations inclues dans ces Dossiers Spéciaux proviennent en grande partie des données produites grâce au programme Femmes et Lois et par les équipes travaillant au niveau national dans différents pays. Il a néanmoins été décidé de faire aussi appel aux contributions de personnes travaillant sur des thèmes proches du programme Femmes et Lois mais qui ne sont pas nécessairement directement impliqués dans le programme.

The materials included in this Special Dossier are largely derived from data generated through the WLUML Women and Law programme and its country project components.

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