Three European women went on trial in Tunis on Wednesday for holding a topless anti-Islamic protest, and their French lawyer said he was confident they would escape prison despite the threat of jail sentences.

After months of reportedly going into hiding, the outspoken Tunisian feminist who sparked a trend of “topless jihad” has been found and arrested by Tunisian authorities earlier this week and may be charged for conducting “provocative acts.”

أوقفت السلطات الناشطة النسائية التونسية "أمينة" البالغة تسعة عشر عاما في القيروان الأحد 19 مايو.وأمرت النيابة العامة في تونس بتوقيف الناشطة في جمعية فيمين بعد محاولتها خلع ملابسها قبالة جامع عقبة بن نافع. وأفادت تقارير أنها كانت ترسم كلمة "فيمين" على جدار قرب المسجد.

We come from all around the globe. We emerge from different backgrounds. We speak different languages, and hold different nationalities. Yet, unfortunately, as women we suffer from the same inequalities and gender based-violence everywhere in the world.

Access to state-provided abortion services has worsened since the Tunisian Revolution, according to the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women (ATFD).

Homosexuals in Tunisia celebrated the ouster of dictator Ben Ali, hoping it would improve their situation. But in nearly two years, little has changed for the country's gay and lesbian community. Sarah Mersch reports from Tunis.

KAIROUAN, Tunisia - November 11, 2012 - On the Friday after Tunisia’s president fell, Mohamed al-Khelif mounted the pulpit of this city’s historic Grand Mosque to deliver a full-throttle attack on the country’s corrupt culture, to condemn its close ties with the West and to demand that a new constitution implement Shariah, or Islamic law.

اثارت دعوة "أنصار الشريعة" السلفية في تونس، إلى إباحة تعدد الزوجات ردود فعل متباينة وانقساما بين من يرى فيها تراجعا عن المكتسبات التاريخية للمرأة التونسية، ومن يعتبرها "حلاً إسلاميا" لمشاكل اجتماعية مستعصية.

طُلب مني مؤخرا افتتاح ندوة عن حقوق المرأة. فكانت تلك فرصة لحوْصلة أفكاري في الموضوع، وفيها ما لا يُعجب، ومع ذلك فهي قناعاتي لم تزدني تجربة المسؤولية إلا تمسّكا بها. وأولى هذه القناعات أن الخطاب المتداول منذ أكثر من قرن عن المرأة هو اليوم جزء من المشكل وليس جزءا من الحلّ؛ ومن ثم كانت ضرورة التخلّص منه في أسرع وقت ممكن

Tunisian civil society is rallying in support of a young woman who was raped by police officers in what they say is part of a broader assault on women's rights by religious conservatives.There is widespread outrage after 27-year-old victim was summoned by the investigating judge on Wednesday to face chargers of "indecency" from the two men accused of raping her, in what many argue is an attempt by the authorities to intimidate her.

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