As Tunisia celebrates the 50th anniversary of a law that gave women some of the same rights as men, many women's rights advocates warn that the 1956 text needs urgent updating, especially on inheritance law.
By abolishing polygamy and changing the laws that governed marriage and separation, the Code of Personal Status is widely credited with advancing Tunisian women's status and making them among the most liberated in the Muslim world.
La femme tunisienne célébrera, demain, samedi 13 août, sa 49ème fête nationale.
Une centaine de personnalités tunisiennes ont demandé le retrait de la Charte arabe des droits de l'Homme en cours d'examen par les députés tunisiens, ce document étant jugé "inacceptabe" et "très en retrait" par rapport à la législation tunisienne.
The gathering of Arab leaders in Tunis over the weekend culminated in declarations of solidarity and peace that spoke generally of reform but were short on specifics and programs.
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