“Est-ce tomber dans la subjectivité que d’“attribuer une grande importance au poids de l’Islam” dans l’étude des causes de l’oppression de la femme arabe ? Malgré toutes les transformations survenues dans le monde arabe depuis l’ère des califes, on est encore loin de la laïcité. Dans tous les Etats arabes islamiques, les lois sur le mariage, le divorce et le statut des femmes (inférieures quoi qu’il en soit) reposent encore sur le droit coranique, ou s’en inspirent directement. Quel est le rôle de l’Islam, son influence et son utilisation ?
The Women's Court: The Permanent Arab Court To Resist Violence Against Women is a symbolic popular court that aims at fighting all forms of violence practiced against women in Arab societies.

The Dossier is dedicated to a question which comes up again and again in the discussions about women in the Muslim world: the centrality of religion as an analytical concept. Most articles included in this issue discuss, under one form or another the right to define oneself as secular vs a "natural" religious identity, and all the potential epistemological bias in the analysis of a specific situation that could follow the lack of conceptual clarity in these matters.

History is replete with examples of use of religion for social-political mobilization and for community control. The backdrop for this Dossier reflects processes leading sociological Muslims to becoming institutionalised subjects of organised Islamic nation states, communities and families.

Fundamentalist political movements and their onslaught on women have been subject to much debate over the years and have become one of the key concerns of our network.

A religious alliance in Pakistan's Northwest provinces is ushering in strict new laws that threaten the rights of women and remind many of the Taliban.
La question du voile islamique qui réapparaît dans le débat inquiète depuis longtemps les féministes.
In an article in The Toronto Star, Raheel Raza, a Pakistani-Canadian, urges fellow Muslims not to reduce God to the role of a mere policeman.
Exténuée et démoralisée, la société, fragilisée par les épreuves, cherche un refuge dans la foi.
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