The project is called Milad Al-Amal Foundation Project for Humanitarian Services and helps women who cannot support themselves after their husbands have died or gone missing.
In addition to family law, another site of tension between the state and religious groups is the constitution.
Although Yemen's parliament has agreed to set the minimum age for marriage at 17, there are concerns the decision may be rescinded as some members of parliament (MPs) say the amendments violate Sharia (Islamic) law.
L'augmentation de l'âge légal du mariage est une véritable victoire dans le camp des femmes yéménites.
The law stipulates that no marriage is to be carried out at any age without the consent of the woman.
The committee of Islamic Legislations and Sharia’a in the Yemeni Parliament has rejected a proposed Draft Law to increase the legal age of marriage to 18.
Yemen Women Union YWU begins next week carrying out training courses for woman leaderships on engaging in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Symbole du combat contre les mariages forcés et précoces, Nojoud Ali, 10 ans, mariée de force par son père, a rencontré des lycéens en France.
Nujood Ali is just 10 years old and was, until recently, the youngest known divorced person in the world.
Arwa is the youngest of three Yemeni girls who recently went to court complaining they were married against their will and asking for divorce - an astonishing display of defiance that has prompted the government to review its law on early marriage.
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