"Making Our Streets Safe for Everyone"
حملة "مـــن أجـل شـــارع آمــن للـجـمـيــع"
Mariz Tadros considers the modern Egyptian women's movement and the obstacles it faces.
The decision overturned the government's policy of forcing Baha'i Egyptians to choose one of the three state-recognized religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism as a prerequisite for obtaining identification documents.
مستشارة لصندوق المرأة العالمي
Zeinab Radwan, Deputy Speaker of the People’s assembly in the Egyptian Parliament and member of the National Democratic Party, created a storm announcing “the testimony of a woman is legally equal in weight with a man’s testimony.”
La jeune et belle actrice égyptienne Abeer Sabri était sans doute loin d’imaginer qu’en décidant de ne plus porter le hidjab, elle allait subir la colère des islamistes.
The campaign started in 2005, where the center discovered that there was no relevant data on the issue, nor studies nor statistics or researches were done at that time."
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