Law reform

Les organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) sénégalaises réussissent à faire barrage a la modification du code de la famille sénégalais.
The Shoura Council is expected to debate the employment law for women.
Civil society organizations succeed in keeping Family Law intact in Senegal.
Le président sénégalais Abdoulaye Wade a déclaré jeudi à l'issue d'une visite au Japon qu'il s'opposerait à "une modification du code de la famille", en réaction à un projet de réforme soumis récemment aux autorités par des associations islamiques.
In recent weeks numerous actors from within the United Nations, national governments, civil society organizations and media have mobilized to address the situation of women in Iraq.
The 35-member commission appointed to review Afghanistan's draft constitution includes seven women.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) welcomes the decision of the government to appoint women to serve as judges in the Syariah courts.
The Afghan Women's Network (AWN) has called for sweeping changes in the Afghan Constitution that would permit Afghan women free health care in all maternal health facilities and equal rights in all aspects of divorce and custody of children.
Revealed narratives and legislation are then pursued through their medieval, modern, and contemporary interpretations. The theological exegetic sources here chosen, all Sunni, include the major classical works as well as, for the modern period, examples of modernist, traditionalist, and fundamentalist exegesis. For Hadith materials beyond the theological tafsir, Stowasser analyzes both popular narratives of the "tales of the prophets" genre and representative samples of the classical historical and legal hadith.
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