Violence against women

According to the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, 235 women have tried to killed themselves there by self-immolation.
Article by WLUML networker, Sultana Kamal.
Le problème des "mutilations génitales féminines, ce n'est pas de couper ou de coudre.
Amelia Hill explores the scandal of ceremonies that lead to marital rape and slavery for girls as young as 12.
Au Royaume-Uni, le mariage de jeunes filles de moins de 16 ans est totalement illégal, mais cette réalité prend de l’ampleur dans les familles originaires d’Asie et du Proche-Orient.
”We are going to shout about bride price across Africa and we are going to say 'no' to the sale of women,” exclaimed Atuki Turner to a crowded hall at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.
The purpose of this Circular is to provide guidance to those working in the criminal justice system on its provisions.
Muslim clerics in Turkey are to deliver sermons upholding women's rights and condemning so-called "honour killings."
Calls for stiffer penalties to be imposed on those who allow and practice female genital mutilation.
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