Sexual/reproductive rights & health

Catholics for a Free Choice has launched a new national public education campaign, Prevention Not Prohibition, which contributes to efforts to reframe the abortion debate by focusing on building a national consensus to prevent, not prohibit, abortion.
A group of Muslim women in the dusty town of Lodwar, northern Kenya, are breaking with tradition to speak openly about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
In a letter to the Nicaraguan National Assembly, Silvia Pimentel, vice chairman of CEDAW, criticized the influence of “the hierarchies of the Catholic Church and some Evangelical Churches” in the draft reforms of Nicaragua’s penal code.
Do you know your reproductive rights? This was the question of which the answers dominated the discussions in a media sensitisation workshop on sexual and reproductive health issues held in Kuala Lumpur on 4 November.
The Safe Abortion Action Fund provides grants to non-governmental organizations that will enable them to implement specific, in-country initiatives to increase their work in any area along the abortion continuum.
Le Fonds d’action pour l’avortement médicalisé a pour fonction de mobiliser, d’administrer et d’octroyer des ressources à des organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) actives dans l’un des secteurs intéressant l’avortement.
The number of women living with HIV/AIDS is on the rise in the country and a recent UN survey found that in majority of the cases the disease was passed on by polygamous husbands.
Tanzania has a national HIV/AIDS policy and is in the process of finalizing legislation on HIV/AIDS. The expectation is that once the policy and legal framework is set, people living with HIV/AIDS and their families will be afforded greater protection.
We have heard from friends from The Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan who recently requested support in the protest against initiatives that restrict women's right to abortion. They send their thanks and warm wishes to those who sent letters of support and solidarity. For now, these initiatives have not been adopted by the Kyrgyztsan Parliament.
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