Sexual/reproductive rights & health

Often the child bride is forced into sexual activity with her husband when she is not physically and sexually mature.
An Inter-African Committee film about early marriage in Ethiopia focuses on the harmful effects of this traditional practice.
Instead of checking into hospital women are turning to fasting and prayer at a prayer camp.
Despite the scientific and cultural modernization that has changed the face of Jordan since its creation in 1921, the practice of this custom continues in rural and urban areas alike.
Women’s Rights Groups Issue Announcement Concerning the Sentencing of Alieh Eghdomdust:
New Law Supports Equal Pay, But Contraceptives Financing Dropped From Economic Stimulus.
Early marriage and lack of access to medical intervention until complications become severe are two factors that have hampered improvement in the situation.
President Obama has lifted the Global Gag Rule that banned US funding for any international healthcare organizations that perform abortions or advocate for the legalization of abortion.
Craintes pour la sécurité / Menaces de mort Nicaragua: Patricia Orozco (f), coordinatrice de la Campagne du 28 septembre pour la dépénalisation de l’avortement en Amérique latine et dans les Caraïbes, et chef de file du Mouvement autonome de femmes.
Une étude indépendante a révélé que 7 000 naissances illégitimes sont recensées chaque année en Algérie, alors que le département officiel ne parle que de 3 000 naissances illégitimes par an.
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