Sexual/reproductive rights & health

Currently, over 60% of the world's people live in countries where induced abortion is permitted either for a wide range. In contrast, about 26% of all people reside in countries where abortion is generally prohibited.
In this new publication, Dr. Rehana Kariapper analyses case studies of 55 women experiencing reproductive health complications and provides recommendations for improvement. Published by Shirkat Gah Women's Resource Centre, Pakistan.
Human rights groups call on new mayor to revoke the ban.
"HIV/AIDS & the Law", released in July 2007 by HRLN's 'HIV/AIDS and the Law Initiative'.
Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama criticized recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions as hypocritical and inconsistent on Tuesday, saying a ruling upholding a late-term abortion ban was part of a concerted effort to roll back women's rights.
A landmark study released today by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) connects widespread discriminatory views against women in Botswana and Swaziland to sexual risk-taking and, in turn, to extremely high HIV prevalence.
The fight against one epidemic - HIV/AIDS - cannot be won without tackling another epidemic - gender-based violence.
Yemen has scored enormous success in reducing its maternal mortality rates and increasing the use of contraception. Advocates turned to the interpretations and assistance from religious leaders to get out the family planning message.
Somali women are taking the initiative in the fight against AIDS with a programme to educate their peers in this conservative Muslim nation.
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