L'Initiative Juridique pour l'Europe du Centre et de l'Est de l'Association du Barreau Americain.
Celui-ci reconnaat comme crimes les violences sexuelles et de genre, une premiere dans l'histoire du droit humanitaire.
Women's E News reports that the new International Criminal Court will give women a place to seek justice for gender-related crimes committed against them in armed conflicts and as part of systematic violence or persecution.
Nomination and Election of Judges - the Ninth Session of the Preparatory Commission of the International Criminal Court is under way until 19 April 2002.
Womens Access to Health Campaign: Health For All, Health For Women!
Women's Groups Prepare to Welcome New Era of Accountability for Crimes Against Women.
Islamic feminism is on the whole more radical than Muslims' secular feminisms, argues Margot Badran.
Whether or not women will be better off after the war against Afghanistan is an open question.
A Roundtable on Strategies to Address 'Honour Crimes' was held in London from 12-13 November 1999.
ARTICULACION FEMINISTA MARCOSUR, has designed an awareness campaign that will be launched at the World Social Forum, Brazil, February 2002.
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