On the occasion of the International Day of Women Human Rights Defenders on November 29 and the 10th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRD IC) critically reflects on Structures of Violence: Defining the Intersections of Militarism and Violence Against Women, the theme of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence for 2010. The experience of discrimination, intimidation and attack of women human rights defenders lies at the intersection of their gender identity and their position as dissenters in their societies, particularly when working on women’s or sexual rights.  

CWP published a new report today, titled “All-Out War: Israel Against Democracy.” This comprehensive report documents the increasing political persecution of peace and human rights organizations and activists, and describes the connections between the assaults led by Israeli government officials, security forces, courts, journalists, and extreme-right organizations in this well-orchestrated offensive on democracy. The report was published in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English. To download the full report (in English):

The Special Rapporteur Richard Falk urged the United Nations and the international community to draft a new protocol of international humanitarian law to address the situation of prolonged occupation and refugee status imposed upon the Palestinian people for over 43 years of Israeli occupation.

 يتناقض التمثيل السياسي للمرأة في العراق الذي يشهد تحسناً ملحوظاً مع ما تعانيه النساء من استضعاف على نطاق أوسع، مثلما يتضح من استمرار العنف المنزلي والزواج المبكر، وفقاً لتقرير جديد صادر عن وحدة تحليل المعلومات بين الوكالات التابعة للأمم المتحدة. وعلى الرغم من أن النساء قد يشغلن 25 بالمائة من مقاعد البرلمان العراقي، إلا أن واحدة من كل خمس نساء بين سن 15 و49 عاماً تعاني من العنف الجسدي على يد زوجها. وتشير الأدلة السردية إلى أن "العديد من النساء يتعرضن للاختطاف ويجبرن على ممارسة البغاء،" كما لا يزال ختان الإناث شائعاً في الشمال، حسب التقرير.

Selon certaines sources, près de la moitié des chrétiens irakiens a choisi l’exil au cours des vingt dernières années. Lundi 15 novembre, sous le titre "Des intellectuels arabes condament les agressions que subissent les chrétiens d’Irak" et à l’initiative du Forum culturel libanais, une quarantaine de personnalités arabes vivant en France a signé un manifeste dont voici l’intégralité.

We have just visited the Gaza Strip where we met many courageous people trying to live relatively normal lives despite the crippling effects of the illegal Israeli blockade. The blockade was imposed to punish the Hamas-led government, but it is women and children who are paying the highest price. In our conversations with a range of women, we learned that despite the apparent "easing" of restrictions by Israel and Egypt, important socio-economic indicators such as poverty, malnutrition, unemployment and family violence are getting worse. Women in this conservative society find their domestic responsibilities made all the more difficult and time-consuming by the blockade -- and they bear the brunt of society's frustration and anger in such trying times.

رغدة وفي .. العمر 23 سنة قتلت في أحداث كنيسة سيدة النجاة في الحادي والثلاثين من اكتوبر 2010 ، في بغداد - الكرادة على أيدي أرهابيين ، متزوجة قبل شهر من مقتلها - وكانت قبل يوم قد أستلمت التحليل الخاص بأنها حامل فذهبت في اليوم التالي لتشكر الرب على الحمل

 Weak leadership and internal divisions have prevented Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) from exploiting splits among its Islamist insurgent enemies, say analysts. Al-Shabab and Hisbul-Islam insurgents have, in the past two months, intensified attacks against government forces and allied African Union (AU) troops. Clashes in Mogadishu between 1 and 3 October, for example, left at least 50 people dead and 174 wounded, according to local human rights organizations. 

As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited the U.N. General Assembly in New York last month, the spotlight was once again on Iran. And true to form, the Iranian president made his fair share of provocative statements for the Western media. But while Ahmadinejad's mercurial rants captured our media's attention, back in Iran a coordinated strategy against the women's movement continued. On the eve of Ahmadinejad's arrival to New York, Shiva Nazar Ahari, a prominent young female defender of human rights, received a heavy sentence of six years in prison on charges including the vague crime of "waging war against God" -- a convenient catch-all offense for anyone who criticizes the regime and its human rights record.

On the occasion of the expiry of seven months to conduct general elections in the seventh of March of this year, more than four months from the date of ratification of the election results in the first of June, established a civil initiative to preserve the Constitution Sit II to protest against the continuing breach of the constitutional articles (50) and ( 54) and (55) and (72) and (76) of the Constitution, and the inability of Representatives three hundred and twenty-five elected by the people to exercise their political, regulatory and legislative, which plunged the country into trouble a constitutional and political does not seem to have end in sight.

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