[fund] resisting fundamentalisms

On 28th December, 5 members of the Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum and one observer accompanied a truck full of relief goods to Kalmunai area, located in the district of Amparai on the East Coast, to aid the relief effort for Tsunami victims.
CSFH appeals to donors to ensure that their well-intended donations do not end up in sectarian hands and ensure that this tragedy does not provide another opportunity for communal/hate groups to gain a foothold in a plural society.
Report of a 'conversation' between 48 religious and women’s leaders in Chiang Mai, Thailand between February 29 and March 3, 2004 to discuss how, in an era of globalization, religions could play a more active role in advancing women’s lives.
L'Union des organisations islamiques de France (UOIF) a demandé samedi à France 2 de déprogrammer un reportage "aux allures de procès d'intention" ...
Le Réseau Femmes Sous Lois Musulmanes est extrêmement soulagé d’apprendre que le dr. Mahboobeh Abbasgholizadeh a été libérée sous caution depuis le 1er décembre 2004.
International Campaign on Women Human Rights Defenders.
MWJHR offers a medium for scholarly debate on various aspects of the question of human rights as it relates to the Muslim World.
The battle for the soul of Islam will be fought by young Muslims - in the West, writes Irshad Manji.
Pour Ghaleb Bencheikh, les passages du Coran « durs » contre la femme, concernant l'héritage, la polygamie ou le voile, sont obsolètes.
Tariq Ramadan n’est plus à présenter, il a été la coqueluche des médias et surtout l’ami de certains alter mondialistes refusant de voir en lui un idéologue de l’intégrisme politique.
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