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لقراءة  الدراسة أرجو الضغط على الوصل أدناه.


عشرون عاما على مؤتمر القاهرة الدولي للسكان والتنمية:
حالة الحقوق والصحة الإنجابية والجنسية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا

Reports indicate Islamic Republic judiciary officials continue to subject prisoner Maryam Shafi’pour to undue pressure and abuse in order to extract false confessions. 

 فتيات  رقصن بشكل مفاجيء  أمس الجمعة في منطقة الكوربة في مصر الجديدة في إطار الحملة العالمية  ”مليار ثائر لأجل العدالة 201

The attached report was submitted by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights to the CEDAW (Convention for the Eliminatin of Discrimination Against Women) Committee.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights is is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization, registered with the Bahraini Ministry of Labor and Social Services since July 2002. Despite an order by the authorities in November 2004 to close it, the BCHR is still functioning after gaining wide internal and external support for its struggle to promote human rights in Bahrain. The co-founder and former President of the BCHR is Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, who is currently serving a life sentence in prison for charges related to freedom of speech. The current President is Nabeel Rajab, who is serving a two year prison sentence for his work as a human rights defender. The Acting President is Maryam Al-Khawaja.

Afsana, a British citizen and former civil servant, went to live in Dubai in early 2010 with her French husband. After the birth of their son in April that year, she was subjected to serious physical and mental abuse. After suffering constant threats, intimidation and abuse from the ex husband, she fled with her baby in April 2011. All previous attempts to report the assaults did not amount to any action, instead she now faces a series of cases that her ex-husband has instigated - designed to mar her reputation and prevent her from leaving.   


تفجيرين لمقرات عسكرية مهمة كان كل مايلزم لدخول مدينتي التي أعشق في عشرين يوم من الخوف والموت والقصف والجوع والحرمان ، ولتدخل المدينة في ظلام مستمر يقطعه ضوء القذائف قبل انفجارها ووميض الصورايخ حين مرورها.

تفجيرين هزا منزلنا ودمرا نوافذنا ليبدأ بعدها هزمشاعرنا وضمائرنا ، وتدمير مدينتنا.

لم أكن أعلم وأنا خارجة من منزلي بسرعة أني لن أعود إليه كل هذه الأيام وأني ذاهبة إلى ملجأ ، فقد خرجت وأنا أكلم نفسي وأطمئنها أنه يوم واحد كالعادة وسأعود ليلاً.

On 22 January 2014, the United Nations (UN)-backed Geneva II peace talks between the Syrian government and the opposition are scheduled to be held with the goal of ending the Syrian conflict and creating a transitional government. However, nearly 14 years after the landmark passage of  UN Security Council resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) calling on UN member states to “increase the participation of women and incorporate gender perspectives in all United Nations peace and security efforts,” no women have been included in the Syrian peace negotiations.

I've always felt that I have an inside voice which guides me and opens my eyes to the kind of things that many other women feel nothing towards and just cope with. I was born in a country which suffers from a hierarchical authority. What makes this worse is that the women inside it are often part of that; they remain neutral or, even worse, support this authority. As women are an integral part in the dilemma, their negativity towards being subjected by men is perhaps the worst part of the equation. 

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