[fund] co-optation by politico-religious and/or conservative forces

An Independent Fact Finding Mission.
People's Union for Civil Liberties have published an interim report of women's experiences and perspectives related to communal violence following the Godhra incident.
The implications for the region and beyond are grave, but it's not too late for a counter-revolution.
Fresh religious violence between Hindus and Muslims has claimed six more lives in the western Indian state of Gujarat.
Over the weekend, the doors of a synagogue in Strasbourg were destroyed in a fire, a synagogue in Marseille was burnt to the ground and in Lyon another was rammed by two cars and subsequently set alight.
Soldiers deploy across the Indian state of Gujarat in an attempt to quell the worst sectarian violence in 10 years.
Les Frères musulmans. Mouvement fondé en Egypte, en 1928, par Hassan Al-Banna, il est devenu la matrice de tous les groupes se réclamant d'une lecture politique de l'islam.

Part of a series which seeks to systematically list and document information on the worldwide rise of political movements known as ‘religious fundamentalist’ and their consequences for women, it also lists initiatives and writings which counter such movements. The term communalism is widely used across South Asia to describe the systematic misuse of religion for political purposes.

This publication is out of print and is unavailable in electronic format.

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