Un apercu des combats menés par l’Union des chômeurs, par les syndicalistes et par les femmes Iraquiennes qui luttent à la fois contre les pressions islamistes et nationalistes.
L’accroissement sans précédent du nombre de viols et de kidnappings dans la capitale irakienne incitent les jeunes filles à renoncer à leurs études ou à ne plus quitter leur domicile.
To catch a glimpse of the future of this country, look for a moment through the eyes of teenage girls who are coming of age here in the capital.
Now that the Iraqi Governing Council has been dissolved, the transitional government taking its place is being hailed as "diverse" for its multiethnic, multiconfessional representation.
One woman told her attorney she was forced to disrobe in front of male prison guards.
US soldiers are alleged to have abused, intimidated or sexually humiliated Iraqi women.
Information on issues relating to women in Iraq from the website of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.
The Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq is treating the fate of kidnapped women as an isolated phenomenon.
The biggest challenge facing women is how to make their opinions count in the new government.
Women's Rights Activist Fern L. Holland was killed in Iraq on Tuesday night.
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