Who remembers the “cleansing campaign” under President Chadli, more precisely in 1982? When you went out for a walk with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you could not walk 2 steps without running into ‘gendarmes’ or policemen who demanded your marriage certificate, or if you could not produce it, would take down your identity. It [seems to have] started all over again just like in 1982, couples in search of some green in Tipasa (a small town on the West coast of Algiers) have been taken to the police station by gendarmes or municipal guards – What’s the crime? Walking hand in hand.
The Algerian government has set up a commission to revise the north African country's family code to improve women's rights, an official said on Monday.
Le chef d'un parti islamiste contre son abrogation.
Est-ce pour imiter le roi du Maroc (voir J.A.I. n° 2232) que le président Bouteflika a décidé, lundi 27 octobre, de créer une commission pour la révision du Code de la famille?
Une commission chargée de la révision du Code algérien de la famille, actuellement très défavorable aux femmes, a été créée par le gouvernement, a-t-on appris lundi de source officielle.

La montée persistante de la menace des courants extrémistes religieux politisés et leur projet d’imposer une vision particulière de l’Islam par le biais de l’institution d’un Etat théocratique et/ou par l’usage de la violence et la terreur.

Il y aura bientôt vingt ans que le Code de la Famille est en vigueur en Algérie.
More information on the campaign that seeks to repeal the Family law - or personal status law - that has, since 1984, institutionalised the inferiority of Algerian women for the last 20 years.
It will soon be 20 years that the Family law has been enforced in Algeria.

Submitted to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), this Shadow Report focuses on one of the central obstacles to women’s equality and advancement: the rise and ongoing threat of politicised, violent religious fundamentalism and its project to impose its particular view of Islam through the theocratization of the State and/or through violence and terror.

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