Afghanistan: Perpetuation of warlordism detrimental to security for women

Rights & Democracy
Once again gender apartheid is being instituted in grave violations of the human rights of girls and women in Afghanistan. This time, the attacks are coming from warlords.
Like hooliganism, vandalism and barbarism, warlordism threatens the security and stability of post-Taliban Afghanistan. For International Women's Day 2003, Rights & Democracy launched a campaign to address the problem of rampant warlordism in Afghanistan, with an action initiative titled Perpetuation of Warlordism in Afghanistan Detrimental to Security for Women. Rights & Democracy is asking for action and a halt to financial and political support of warlordism from those governments who play a role in the perpetuation of it and has prepared 17 recommendations for halting this obstacle to peace in Afghanistan. While Afghanistan struggles to rebuild, the dominance of warlords, some of them supported by the United States, others by cabinet members in the Transitional Government of Afghanistan, has created a major barrier to both peace and human rights throughout the country.