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"Leaving it up to schools to 'behave reasonably' does not really help. The concept lacks precision. What seems reasonable to one individual or group seems unreasonable to another."
The British Journal of Sociology 2007 public lecture presents: "Sexual Politics: The Limits of Secularism, The Time of Coalition"; 30 October 2007, 6:30-8:00 pm; London School of Economics.
A mother and son were today jailed for life at the Old Bailey for their part in an "honour" killing.
"Si elle retourne en Iran, Pegah risque la prison et la peine de mort par lapidation. Son crime en Iran fut son orientation sexuelle. Elle avait des relations avec une autre femme."
The Middle East Centre for Women’s Rights (MECWR) is looking for volunteer fundraisers who are passionate about the work we do in our organisation.
La police promet une récompense pour obtenir des informations sur les auteurs de ces mutilations génitales.
"It is bizarre and untruthful to say that I have a 'fondness for the Pentagon's politics'."
Tarek Fateh argues that "It is time that the world recognized that the threat to Salman Rushdie is not just to him, but to all of us."
"As Dan Bell discovers, the backstreets of Britain are full of Islamic courts ruling on everything from banking and alcopops to forced marriage and divorce."
A teenage schoolgirl will appeal to the High Court on Friday to overturn a ban on her wearing a "purity ring" at school to symbolize her decision to abstain from sex before marriage.
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