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Sections cover what to do if a student seeks help, is going overseas imminently, or what you should do if you suspect a student may be forced to marry.
Aims to represent women's issues at local & national levels, to bring about positive change in women's lives, especially women from BME & diverse communities through consultation, representation and advocacy in local & national policy & service delivery.
Gay rights campaigners have been snubbed by the government for fear of upsetting Muslim voters who are regarded as more important to Labour’s election campaign.
A Muslim girl today won her battle to wear traditional "head-to-toe" dress in the classroom after the Court of Appeal ruled her school had acted unlawfully in barring her.
Dr. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Leader of the Muslim Parliament, has said that the campaign led by a section of the Muslim community for a new law on incitement to religious hatred, amidst an atmosphere of heightened expectations is unwarranted.
After weeks of speculation, the education secretary Ruth Kelly admitted this week that she receives 'spiritual support' from the secretive Catholic sect Opus Dei.
New guidelines are being issued for teachers advising them about the warning signs that a pupil is being forced into a marriage.
Police are going through hundreds of files on missing people and suicides to look for signs of "honour crimes".
In the UK alone, 117 murders are being investigated as 'honour killings'. But over-sensitivity to cultural differences means that many victims are denied the justice that they deserve.
Tariq Ramadan is one of the top-billed speakers at the European Social Forum, appearing on a panel to present “Voices of resistance and alternatives from the global South”.
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