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Le CHRLA est très inquiet du jugement prononcé par la Cour d'appel du Caire le 14 juin 1995, jugement ordonnant le divorce de Nasr Hamed Abu-Zeid (professeur à l'Université du Caire) et de son épouse, Dr Ibthal Younis. Selon ce jugement, Nasr Hamed Abu-Zeid s'est apostasié, vu les opinions qu'il exprime dans ses publications.
There is concern that the rejection lacks a legal basis and is intended to restrict the activities of Egyptian civil society.
A Cairo conference on how to prevent female circumcision concluded that it takes more than a law to stop the physical violation of girls.
Egyptian Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations express their protest regarding the Ministry of Social Affairs' rejection of the registration of two Egyptian human rights organizations: the Land Center for Human rights and New Woman Research Center.
Urge Egypt to Release All Those Imprisoned on the Basis of Their Sexual Orientation.
Egypt's Court of Cassation has twice overturned the politically motivated sentences handed down by the State Security Court against Saad Eddin Ibrahim and other Ibn Khaldun co-defendents.
An Egyptian court has jailed 21 men for three years each for practising homosexuality in a retrial after their original sentences were quashed on presidential orders.
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