Law reform

New legislation being proposed in Indonesia has created a stir of antagonism, especially from conservative Islamist groups in the country, who demand that Islamic law, or Sharia, is implemented and followed in the country.

Farima Samake, a widow living in the village of Gwelekoro in the south of

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND — Sometimes Jennifer Bradshaw dreams of a job in finance, and last year she thought about going back to school to become a nurse. She would do anything, she said, that would give her the chance to get ahead — and to meet the bills that seem to weigh more heavily on her family every month.

As it is, she works 16 hours a week in a clerical job at a local supermarket, and her earnings go to paying off loans she and her fiancé are carrying. She would love to go full time, working days instead of evenings and getting a handle on their spiraling debt.

In Israel, 17-year-olds are minors for all intents and purposes - except when it comes to marriage. This is not merely theoretical: Every year more than 4,500 Israelis aged 17 or younger marry. The vast majority - around 4,000 - are female. For this purpose, they are not minors. After all, they can already cook and clean; more important, their wombs and all the organs leading to them are ready.

The Knesset plenum is to vote today on a bill to raise the minimum marriage age from 17 to 18; there is still a danger that the ultra-Orthodox parties will scuttle it.

A UN body of independent experts today urged the Government of Morocco to further consolidate and advance the country’s decade-long achievements on equality and women’s human rights by establishing without delay the Authority for Parity in accordance with international standards.

Les termes « mademoiselle » et autre « nom de jeune fille » sont officiellement appelés à disparaître des documents administratifs. Mais les associations restent vigilantes.

Mademoiselle, le début de la fin ? Nous posions la question il y a un mois. La réponse est claire aujourd'hui : c'est oui. Le terme « mademoiselle » va disparaître des documents administratifs.


The Libyan Human Rights Alliance, along with numerous civil society activists and organizations, find the Libyan Draft Election Law released On January 1 2012 by The National Transitional Council to be unreasonable. Within this Draft Law, Article 1 stated that there would in fact be a parliamentary quota for women; however it is quite vague and reads as the quota will be limited to 10%, or 20 out of 200 seats.

Depuis plus de dix ans, les femmes maliennes attendent l’adoption d’un Code de la famille pour que leurs droits fondamentaux soient respectés. Or, le 2 décembre 2011, l’Assemblée nationale malienne a adopté un texte qui, au contraire, perpétue les discriminations.

For more than 10 years, women in Mali have been waiting for the adoption of a Family law to protect their fundamental rights. Last week (2 December 2011), the Malian Parliament adopted a text which – far from increasing protection – eliminates rights and perpetuates discrimination.

Depuis le 30 novembre 2011, les femmes émiraties peuvent transmettre leur nationalité à leurs enfants issus d’un mariage mixte. Une première dans un pays arabe du Golfe.

Joli cadeau qu’offre par décret présidentiel Khalifa ben Zayed el-Nahyane aux femmes de son pays, à l’occasion du 40e anniversaire de la création des Émirats arabes unis. Bel exemple d’une volonté d’évoluer, dans un monde arabe où la femme n’est toujours pas l’égale de l’homme, mais encore mise sous tutelle, voire infantilisée.

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