Law reform

Kuwait's Cabinet approved a draft law allowing women to vote and run in parliamentary polls, moving them a step closer to full political rights they have sought for decades in the conservative Gulf Arab state.
Née en 1990, APEL réunit des femmes algériennes ayant lutté en Algérie contre le code de la famille et des femmes issues de l'immigration qui voulaient être informées et participer au mouvement des femmes algériennes.
The Bangladeshi parliament has amended its constitution to reserve 45 seats for women.
An update from Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre Network on the Draft Domestic Violence Bill 2003.
Iran's reformist Parliament passed a bill Monday granting women the same inheritance rights as men, a move that sets the stage for a showdown with the conservative 12-member Guardian Council, Reuters reported yesterday.
Saudi Arabia's Consultative Council has endorsed a new immigation bill which would make mixed marriages easier by allowing Saudi women to keep their citizenship upon marrying foreigners.
Suha had had enough of her marriage years ago, but she was unable to end it until a temporary law granted unhappily married Jordanian women their freedom.
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