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Source: Women’s Political Participation Committee in Afghanistan

January 21, 2016- Kabul, Afghanistan 

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ماريانا الطباع، باحثة وإحدي شركاء شبكة نساء يعيشون في ظل قوانين المسلمين


عرائس السلام فيلم قصير يحكي قصة فتيات سوريات تظاهروا بسلام لإيمانهم بأن التظاهر السلمي هو الطريق لسقط النظام السوري، لكن تم اعتقالهن لمدة شهرين. بعد شهرين إعتقالهن خرجوا ورأوا أن سلمية التظاهر قد إانتهت وأن ثورتهن اصبحت مسلحة، حرب للبقاء.

The issue of women’s subordinate legal, social and political position in Afghan society and the failure of the government to meet its obligations to ensure gender equality and address discriminatory social attitudes forms the basis of this report. Cultural, religious and social norms are at the root of the various kinds of abuse experienced by women human rights defenders.

A newsheet round-up of news and analysis relevant to Shirkat Gah's work. 

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As international networks and organisations concerned with equality between all citizens before the law, standing for secularism as prevention of communalism, we are closely following and monitoring the case against human rights defenders Teesta Setalvad and husband Javed Anand in India.

L’histoire de comment la chanteuse Sonita Alizadeh a résisté à la pression de la famille de se marier et a voyagé de Téhéran jusqu’à Utah après son talent a été nourrie par les networkers à travers le monde.

The election of the New Democratic Front is an opportunity to restore democracy and reshape the constitution, and women should play a key role in the socio-political democratic transformation. We suggest how Sri Lanka might reshape its society and institutions after the brutal Rajapaksa regime was ousted in the January elections.

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