State control

Crushing defeat of NDA led by the BJP in the recent general elections is certainly victory of secular forces.
Foreign ministers have endorsed the concepts of democracy and human rights in a document prepared for approval at a two-day Arab summit in Tunis starting on 22 May.
The Women's Cultural Center (WCC) along with several other women organizations and groups helped arrange a gathering for those who wished to express their disgust or dismay towards policies for the projection of women’s role on Iran’s National TV.
By recognising the right of religious institutions to interfere in the exercise of European public powers, Article 51 contradicts the principle of separation between public and religious institutions.
Sri Lankans must wonder if their patricians could ever be trusted to deliver on an opportunity to remake the country.
The Experience of Palestinian Women in Israel and Muslim Women in India by Hoda Rouhana.
A report on the major defeat of the Islamist party PAS in Malaysia's recent elections.
What are we to make of the President's stated commitment to women's rights, as articulated on several occasions ...
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