Gender Equality

Expressing “deep regret” that the Commission on the Status of Women had failed to adopt the agreed conclusions that traditionally mark the conclusion of its annual sessions, the head of UN-Women today urged delegations to move past that setback and press ahead with efforts to ensure that rural women — the focus of the current session - would be fully empowered to reach their potential.

A UN body of independent experts today urged the Government of Morocco to further consolidate and advance the country’s decade-long achievements on equality and women’s human rights by establishing without delay the Authority for Parity in accordance with international standards.

Twenty years ago today Algeria’s military-backed government stopped the country’s electoral process, preventing the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) from coming to power and dismantling the Algerian republic – something it had openly promised to do. In context, this was the better of the two bad alternatives available at that moment – interrupting a flawed parliamentary election rather than allowing the reins of power to be taken by fascists who openly proclaimed their opposition to democracy.

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is gravely concerned by the tremendous losses of life and livelihoods and ongoing humanitarian crisis triggered by the worst floods in Pakistan’s history.We stand in solidarity with all the women, men and children of Pakistan during this difficult time. In particular, we send a message of solidarity to the women of Pakistan, who for many years have contributed to upholding the struggle for peace and democracy throughout the country, and who continue to struggle for survival in the face of this unprecedented crisis

غابت قضايا الشرق الاوسط عن صفحات الصحف البريطانية السبت، باستثناء مصير الايرانية سكينة محمدي اشتياني المحكومة عليها بالرجم حتى الموت. فتحت عنوان حملة لانقاذ ام محكوم عليها بالموت رجما تحدثت صحيفة الجارديان عن الام الايرانية اشتياني التي اطلق ابناؤها حملة دولية لانقاذها من الموت بعد ادانتها من قبل محكمة ايرانية باقامة علاقة غير شرعية خارج الزواج.

Girls Association Advocacy for Rights (GAAR), Report on Gender Development in Somalia. Somalia is a small country with population of ten million and has lacked a powerful functioning government since 1991 when the military regime of Siad Bare was overthrown. For two decades the country has suffered from lawlessness and misery. As the first victims of conflict, women and young girls have born endemic rape and brutality at the hands of armed militia groups.

This Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa handbook brings together the available expertise and data based on the growing body of knowledge worldwide to help us understand why gender based violence takes place and its profound and far reaching consequences on women, families and societies.

The seventh WTO Ministerial Conference turned out to be a missed opportunity in addressing the serious challenges facing women and men in the global economy. It turned out a missed opportunity to promote a new model of multilateral trading system that addresses livelihood, employment, decent working conditions, food security, climate change and gender inequalities.

A Small Dream is a documentary film produced and directed by WLUML networker, Gulnar Tabassum. It tells the story of a young girl (Humaira Bachal) from the Moach Goth squatter settlement, Karachi, Pakistan. The only girl in her community to go to school, Humaira decided to teach children from her community, at home, the lessons she herself learnt in class.

In addition to the work of multi-national institutions, the theory is that national gender machinery can play an important role in the struggle to protect and promote women’s rights. Catherine Albertyn argues that national machinery for the advancement of women “… consists of structures, mechanisms, and strategies for achieving equality for women as participants, decision makers and beneficiaries in the political, social, economic and cultural spheres of life.”

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