What is it about rape that the judiciary cannot restrict itself to delivering verdicts about the guilt of the accused, but makes observations on the complainant's behaviour, her moral character and her marriage prospects?
The All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) has noted that the Board has made recommendations which have started the process of discussions, change, codification and reform in Muslim Personal Laws.
It is time to take the matter to the state and argue for some form of state protection which would be equally applicable to all women in vulnerable positions, irrespective of religious affiliations.
Muslim men are being urged against instant divorce of their wives, in a new marriage code from an authoritative body of Muslim clerics in India.
Bhopal, April 26: Three days before the All India Muslim Personal Law Board begins its two day meet here, women of the community are going from door to door in small groups canvassing for their rights.
The violence against Muslims which began in Gujarat in 2002 has been called one-sided and state-sponsored and has been likened to a pogrom. One form of violence could be directed only against women and girls - rape.
An interesting article by Yoginder Sikand which refers to the madrasa system.
The AIDWA insists on a just and equitable nikahnama that protects the rights of both the husband and the wife.
Nearly three years after violence erupted in the state of Gujarat in Western India those responsible continue to walk free.
The coalition demands revocation of invitation to Indian politician accused of Gujarat pogrom.
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