A key witness in an alleged multiple murder and gang rape during religious riots in India's Gujarat state has identified 12 of the accused in court.
The recent spate of splits in the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has come as a rude shock to the ‘ulama on the Board who had arrogated to themselves the right to speak on behalf of the 150 million or more Muslims in India.
Memorandum on behalf of the All India Democratic Women’s Association representing 7.5 million women of all communities and regions.
Feminist demands are routinely dismissed by religious conservatives as a ‘western’ ploy to promote dissension.
A 15-year-old schoolgirl has become the public face of a radical group's campaign for an "Islamic" dress code in a controversy similar to the one sparked by the recent French ban on headscarves in classrooms.
How respective ideologies contribute towards a culture that condones and engages in violence, by Beena Sarwar.
Be it birth control or the Shah Bano case, the AIMPLB is leading Muslims up the garden path of obscurantism.
The Tamil Nadu Muslim Women’s Jamaat has been initiated by the muslim women who are victimized by the male chauvinistic one sided Jamaats.
Three articles from the July 2004 issue of Communalism Combat.
The All India Muslim Personal Law Board proclaims that triple talaq is a social evil, but it is equally assertive that this social evil should not be removed by legislative reform.
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