V-Day’s latest V-Moment comes to us from eight Congelese who are working every day to end violence against women and girls in the DRC.
On Monday, the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington assembled an all-star panel of analysts for perspective on the role of women in the recent Iran election and post-election upheaval.
Regional Stakeholders Meeting, 6-7 July 2009, on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Gender Relevance of the Hague Declaration.
Women's groups in embattled Mogadishu are stepping into the aid vacuum to assist thousands more displaced by fighting in the capital, civil society activists said.
To date, five months after the end of Operation “Cast Lead”, the Israeli authorities have failed to establish any independent and impartial investigation into the conduct of their forces and actively oppose any such investigations being established.
La Somalie souffre d’une absence de gouvernement effectif depuis janvier 1991, date à laquelle le président Siad Barre a été renversé.
The Iranian government should immediately end its violent repression of largely peaceful nationwide protests following last Friday’s presidential elections, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and Human Rights Watch said today.
Israeli Police and military brutalize peaceful international protesters of Israel's invasion of Gaza, illegal settlements and the apartheid wall at Netanyahu’s Speech.
Displaced families are pouring into Mardan, Swabi, Peshawar & other areas of Pakhtunkhawa. Independent media and state confirm over 1.5 million people displaced from Swat as a result of the 3rd military operation against the Taliban in less than 2 years.
An interview with Sharon Bhagwan Rolls of femLINKPACIFIC, a feminist communications organisation in Fiji.
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