Economic and Social Development; Women Economic Empowerment; Revolution; Women's Rights

قال الكاتب شوقي عقل إن الحصول على قرض صندوق النقد الدولي يزيد من إفقار النساء وتدني أوضاعهن السياسية والإجتماعية والثقافية، مؤكدا أن القرض يتضمن إساءة مستقبلية للمرأة ومزيد من القهر والإهانة لها.

Kinda Mohamadieh highlights the shortcomings of the last two decades of policy practice in the Arab Region. She looks at the positions of feminist and women’s groups on economic and social rights and policies in the Arab region addressing how to enforce equality and gender justic‘e in the policymaking in the region. She discusses the economic and social demands that lie at the heart of the revolutions witnessed in the Arab region, as well as the challenges to reclaiming citizenship and democracy within a system of global governance tilted to serve a mainstream orthodox economic model. She highlights the need for deepening the perspective and position of feminist and women’s groups on economic and social rights and policies in the Arab region.

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