A 3 day international conference on population and development has been held in Pakistan, attended by 54 ulema from 29 countries.
Changing laws is the easy part, changing attitudes is something else.
Although village courts are illegal, they still hold a powerful sway in rural Pakistan, and verdicts that target the innocent - particularly women - are common.
A mob of angry villagers in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province has killed a man accused of blasphemy, police say.
The victim of a high-profile gang rape in Pakistan will file an appeal with the Supreme Court against Thursday's acquittal of five men who had earlier been sentenced to death for the attack.
All this business about 'religious' extremists attacking a marathon because women were participating in it, and then presenting a bill to the National Assembly seeking to criminalise 'indecent' advertisements brings inevitable memories of the Zia years.
A strong NO to anti-marathon mania from the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), Pakistan.
Last week the six-party religious alliance that constitutes one-fifth of parliament introduced a bill seeking a complete ban on women in advertising. The move follows the MMA's recent successes in stopping women from participating in outdoor sports.
Rights groups condemn ordinances that call for harsh penalties for adultery, drinking, and premarital sex.
The Pakistan government has allied with Islamists to reject a bill which sought to strengthen the law against the practice of "honour killing".
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